Picture Courtesy of Pinterest

I’ve been noticing that lately all my outfits have been rotating around a common color scheme of golds, pinks, with a neutral kick here and there (I love pink+grey combos). And when perusing Pinterest for ideas of how to mix up my closet, I prefer to get my dose of Pinterest with my cup of coffee in the morning, I sometimes find a picture so chic and inspiring that I just have to share it with all of you.

Ballet flats are an all-time must for me. They are comfortable and so parisian chic! And might I add – they go with everything. On a hunt now for a muted gold flat, that doesn’t look cheap (which can happen with too sparkly of a gold), and a rose hued trouser that would be perfect for summer functions. I think texture is key here, a chiffon and delicate pink with some statement gold pieces.

Picture Courtesy of Pinterest

I always love to see how fashion and make-up trends take a play off one another. Nude lips and gold sparkly shadow is such a easy day-to-night look. Girly and sophisticated fun all in one.

Picture Courtesy of Pinterest

Always one to throw in some gold at a party, on my outfit, in my office, anywhere – hence the tile of my blog! Gold is just a fun way to throw in some glamour. And taking a cue from the photo above, here’s an easy way that I use to incorporate some sparkle into my get-togethers. You’ll be the talk of your next hosting event, hostess with the most-ess indefinitely. DIY: Spray painting your fruit gold is a cinch to do and it immediately transforms ordinary into a centerpiece worthy item.




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