Bonita Nail Enamel | Sephora by OPI “Keep Me On My Mistletoes”

Painting my nails every Sunday has become a therapeutic ritual of mine. Maybe it’s the girl in me but there’s something so unwinding about picking out my mani/pedi polishes for the week while watching reruns of Chopped on Food Network (Sex and The City/Keeping Up with the Kardashians all double as my guilty pleasure TV choices). I love pairing metallics together and this combination acts as a sparkly alternative to a neutral nail color. Works with every outfit and since the Sephora polish is so sparkly (which also made it hard to capture on camera) I only had to use one coat because it was so richly pigmented. The gold also actually made the silver embellishments slightly more muted which made them really stand out!

SHOPPING TIP: If you live in the OC area, you may be familiar with Boiling Crab. If you’re not, you should definitely give it a try! But the point of this is that if you go to the Brookhurst location, corner of Brookhurst + Westminster, there’s a next-door nail polish wholesale store (which I like to call ‘Costco-for-Nails’) that any nail polish addict would go crazy over. They have brand favorites Essie/OPI/China Glaze for discounted prices (around $4) and other not-so-known brands. But at $1 a piece for the not-so-known brands (such as the Bonita pictured above) I’m definitely willing to overlook the brand detail!

Sally Hansen Nourishing Nail Color | Sephora OPI “Keep Me On My Mistletoes” | Bonita Nail Enamel | Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

This is the order of which I typically do my nails. I find that using a base coat makes it easier for me to take off my nail polish and I like the nourishing aspects of this Sally Hansen brand. After applying my desired polish of choice and any sparkly additions, my absolute favorite top coat is the one by Seche Vite*. Albeit slightly expensive, I have yet to find another top coat that dries as fast as this one and my nails are chip-free for weeks!

*There has been negative press about this nail polish in relation to causing birth defects and other unproductive harm. I make sure that there’s always plenty of ventilation when I use this product. A good tip is to move your manicure station outdoors! Nothing wrong while getting a little tan : )



 BUY IT NOW: Sephora by OPI Nail Polish in “Keep Me On My Mistletoes“, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat


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