Lazy Sundays with Teddy, a good book, and Starbucks. Excuse the overwhelming wave of the typical OC stereotype.

Thought it’d be fun to start a ‘My Week in Photos’ diary to share with all of you guys. Your support is overwhelming and I get so excited every time I read your comments or check my site stats and see the numbers growing. Thank you again for all your lovely comments!

Monday: Got through my Garfield mentality of ‘I hate Mondays’ with a Salmon Handroll @ my favorite local sushi spot

Hanabi Sushi is located at: 10545 Valley View Street (Cerritos Ave) Cypress, CA 90630.  LOCAL TIP: If you go Mondays-Wednesdays they have their special purple rice available. It is the leading reason of why I love this place and you’ll only see me here Monday-Wednesdays. Healthy & delicious!

Tuesday: Love having day-offs during the weekday; you get to have the beach all to yourself!

Wednesday: My afternoon coffee got paired w/some homemade chocolate dipped strawberries – an extra special treat!

Thursday: A oil-vinegar dip that decided it wanted to be a whale. Almost too cute to dip my bread in!

Friday: Have a good weekend everyone! Love, Me & My Merona Hat from Target




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