This snapshot of Olivia Palermo started it all.

Sometimes, it just takes a photograph to spark the beginning of countless Google searches, Pinterest-ing, and the use of one of my favorite fashion search engines: Shopstyle. For those of you unfamiliar with Shopstyle, you just plug in what you’re looking for (i.e. Grey Shawl Blazer) and it really pulls up a fantastically edited selection of pieces. What makes it different than Google, is that Shopstyle  pulls their selections from what’s in style now now whereas Google pulls up the most relevant and not necessarily the most fashionable.

Back to my current obsession with not only Olivia Palermo (one of my top 3 favorite style icons) but also with this chic grey and yellow ensemble. She looks effortless yet polished and I am in love with the  tweed detailing on her skirt. The mustard yellow pumps complement her metallic accessories and a simple clutch ties it all together. As you know by now, I always give extra brownie points for outfits that are easily transition-able from work to cocktail hour. The blazer combats the high hem and the subdued color palette is appropriate for the office.

Would love to use this idea for my parents anniversary coming up | Courtesy of Pinterest

Every time I see a play of grey and yellows, I’m reminded of my annual Girls Trip to the Viceroy in Palm Springs that holds the same design notes | Courtesy of Pinterest

What I especially love about these mix of colors is that it makes a great androgynous look that is stylish for anyone of any age | Courtesy of Pinterest

Great mani idea for the last month of summer! | Courtesy of Pinterest




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