Sand Dollar Beach @ Big Sur, California

I hope all of you had a restful weekend! Spontaneous little getaways are on my list of favorite things to do and this past weekend I got to beat the heat wave and spend the weekend at Big Sur. I love it when vacations kind of sneak up on you because it certainly beats crossing days off your calendar (it’s like watching paint peel) 30 minutes after you clock into work. Aside from my toes feeling absolutely frozen after standing in the frigid water for hours and only catching kelp, I must admit that I am quite the Kelp-whisperer, this weekend was a much needed pick-me-up.

Another favorite on this trip was I had the perfect opportunity to do one of my favorite fall trends: layering. A denim vest was the perfect accent to plaid shirts, which I feel are a must to get you into the camping spirit, and provides a surprising amount of warmth over fleece jackets when it gets colder at night. My straw fedora that I picked up from Blue Window during one of my 2nd street excursions in Long Beach was such a great find! I have a large head (no really, it’s sized L/XL) and this was one of the rare times that a hat actually fits my head when I try it on. I love the brown leather banding against the straw and it was the perfect UV protectant and companion while fishing this weekend.

Denim Vest, Melrose Trading Post | Straw Fedora, Christy’s Crown Collection | Plaid Shirt, $1,$2,$3 Warehouse in LA (I swear that’s what it’s called) | BCBG Tank | Gorjana Necklace | Urban Outfitters Belt | American Eagle Khaki Shorts

One of the consequences of packing 20 minutes before departure time!

Beginnings of Hare Trail, Big Sur

Using the sand as an XXL post-it pad became very handy when there’s no cell service

A 2 for 1: Waterfall + Ocean | Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur.




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