Denim Vest for Fall

Reading People’s style issue is one of my guilty pleasures. I love celeb fashion and even though it can get extremely quirky and out there, sometimes it just hits so on point that you spend the next couple hours obsessively googling to find the exact same outfit that celeb X wore. Case in point: Jessica Alba’s black moto vest (as seen below). Still completely obsessed and have yet been unable to find a similar and affordable version, it has left me sightly depressed as I wallow in my obsessive state.

Jessica Alba is known to be the layering Queen and she has earned every bit of that title! She remains effortlessly chic as she transitions into warm to cool weather looks. Pairing a denim vest with chunky XXL scarves, a look which I admit to have blatantly stolen from her, is perfect for those of you with office jobs like mine that has frigid cold AC blasting during this sweltering September heat.

P.S. Loving the blasts of color against an otherwise neural look. Love x 3.

Denim Vest for Summer

Black Moto Vest for Fall

Black Moto Vest for Summer




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