Samantha in Sex & The City Movie 1 | OPI Big Apple Red

My search for the perfect red polish all started during one of my typical traditional Sunday night cleanings. I pop in one of the Sex and the City movies, I’ve watched each of them about 30x (I wish I was joking), and start my laundry folding/toilet scrubbing/ you get the picture. I always love watching it for the fashion/hair inspiration (Devil Wears Prada is another one of my favorites) and I always find something new to inspire my weekly style options.

Samantha Jones’ red LA-inspired manicure seemed to work with every single one of her brightly colored ensembles and it was just chic over and over again. It made me go on the hunt for the perfect red nail polish. Because although I have gathered for myself  quite a modest collection of polishes, I am lacking of what I call a “True Red.”

Oliva Palermo | Essie Lollipop

Especially fond of the red/black/gold combo!

OPI Got the Blues for Red | Goody Hairband | Banana Republic Bracelet

My more OPI blue-toned polish that’s tiding me over for the time being till my newly ordered Essie in Lollipop polish comes in! But this really sets me in the mood for some Fall weather, despite this contradictory 100 degree October weather. Deep red hued polishes are like the equivalent of pumpkin spice lattes and both are perfect accompaniments to leather boots and chunky scarves.




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