Aldo Spike Bracelet | Forever21 Link Bracelet | Goody Hairband | H&M Rose Gold Cube Bracelet | Michael Kors Watch

#Armcandy is a hashtag familiar to all, maybe even #armswag to some, and I am a huge fan of this trend. I feel that the overlaying of bracelets can be just as powerful as a dramatic necklace. To master this trend, go with your instincts and don’t think too much about trying to match everything together. It’s nice to have one accent piece that really stands out, whether it be your favorite bracelet or a vintage piece passed from your mother, to add a consistent piece of your own style to all your accessorizing endeavors.

If the colors are matched to a tee, it looks overdone and can even look tacky. The only exception to this is when it’s a pure metallic color (gold/silver/rose gold) and minimize your layering to 4-5 bracelets. Anymore then that and you may be lingering dangerously close to gaudy territory. It’s a well-known fact that accessorizing is a cost-efficient way to spice up old and boring outfits, but accessories aren’t always cheap and especially if you’re looking for investment/quality jewelry it really adds up. I always lean towards timeless and versatile pieces that match easily with what I already have, not only does this make this easy for me to layer it on but it also makes my wallet happy!

JCrew Bracelet | Vintage Bracelet that belonged to my Mom | Flea Market Cross Bracelet

Ray Ban Boyfriend Sunglasses | H&M Bracelet | Forever21 Link Bracelet | Aldo Spike | JCrew Bracelet



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