Glass Bottle Garden Lanterns c/o of UpcycleThat.com

I’ve recently been on this low-budget stint, in efforts to save money for some upcoming trips and some exciting big ticket items, and recently found myself poring over the OC Register deals section religiously. I absolutely love Deals Diva aka Marla Jo Fisher, unfortunately she’s not writing online anymore but she still has a FB page here, and it’s just so amazing of how much money you can save! So I’ve been bookmarking little DIY projects that I’ll be trying with my girlfriends this coming Halloween; last year it was wonderful to stay in with some apple cider floats/cinnamon stick stirrers and freshly baked cookies.

Upcycle That was introduced to me by my sister’s friend and I just love the idea of repurposing inexpensive items into arty deco pieces. I’ve been obsessing over light projects because just like accessories, lighting really sets the atmosphere of your hosting event! Above you can see this wonderfully colored Glass Bottle Lanterns that is easily done with the help of a Kinkajou bottle cutter. It makes such a fabulous inexpensive wedding decoration idea, I’ve already saved this picture for future reference! But colored glass is always welcomed at summer BBQs or I’m thinking even as centerpieces for this year’s Thanksgiving spread. Here are some more of my favorite lighting finds:

Plastic Cup Lamp c/o A Bit of Green/Upcycle That | Tutorial here

Beer Cap Candles c/o UpcycleThat.com | Tutorial here




4 thoughts on “Upcycle Me: DIY Lighting Projects

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for featuring our plastic cup lamp! (:
    You’ve got some amazing finds here; I want to start collecting glass bottles for the first project, haha! :)

    Thanks again,

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