Copper Lamps as Metallic Accents

Sometimes while browsing on Pinterest or looking through online articles, I’ll come across a picture that just resonates. Resonating as in makes me feel extremely inspired as I immediately begin thinking of how I can feasibly incorporate it into my daily life without breaking the bank. My desktop always has folders filled with images that inspire me that I save for my future self, not only does it keep me organized but it’s a great way to inspire me when my looks are feeling a little tired. Interior decor is often just as easily translated into fashion, and this week mixed metallic accents have sent me on a frenzy searching for copper lamps, metal tipped pumps, and studded accents.

Check out my past post of ‘Polish Me – Mixed Metallic Nails‘ to see how you can even bring this look into your mani/pedi session this weekend!

Metal Tipped Pumps on the streets during NYFW

Mixed Metal Scissors that have become their own accent pieces

My Love Script Ariella Ring from Nordstrom paired with my friend’s Faith Script Ring serving as an accompaniment

A Metal Accented Couch that is remarkably chic | c/o of Pinterest




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