Polish Pick | Essie St. Barth’s Blue + Glitter Accent Nail

If you live in Southern California, you’d have noticed this bipolar weather transitioning that’s been going on and frankly I feel that I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re beyond ready for fall to come. There’s been rain, 90 degree weather, and these hot-cold mood swings have not only brought to the brink of a cold but it’s also made it difficult to find fall-just kidding it’s really summer-appropriate outfits.

I feel like my polish picks always reflect my mood of that week and usually they end up being somewhat season appropriate (call me boring!). Typical bright pinks and corals for summer followed by some deep burgundy and midnight blue toned hues for fall. But with this bipolar weather I feel that I’ve been stuck in between and ended up choosing this gorgeous grey/blue color. Essie St. Barth’s blue has this cool tone quality that was appropriate for fall yet a sparkly accent nail was a tell-tale sign of summer not being over. Chanel 2011’s resort collection, as seen below, also held the same idea of having summer inspired pieces with some fall notes that just called for a blue manicure.

Chanel Resort Collection 2011 sporting a similar blue hued polish

Similar Look: Essie’s Mint Candy Apple + Martha Stewart’s Aquamarine Glitter




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