Club Monaco Skirt + Cardigan | Lucky Brand Wedges

I rarely purchase outfits directly from a lookbook or mannequin as is, but as I was browsing through Club Monaco’s website  I saw the model wear this exact outfit and I just fell in love with every detail of it. The cardigan had gold detailing with a sheer backing and I loved how it was slightly longer in the back. The skirt, oh the skirt, was just gorgeous in every angle. I keep running my hands over the fabric and absorbing all its mustard-yellow goodness. The Angelina Jolie slit, as I would like to call it, is on both sides and as you walk/strut (when you put this on you just feel like you’re in some fashion catwalk) and the wind rustles through, it  just gives off such a sexy silhouette. The confidence that it exudes can’t help but just gets channeled into one of the most empowering walks you might ever have.

Michael Kors Watch

H&M Rose Gold Bracelet | Forever 21 Chain Link Bracelet | Aldo Gold Spiked Bracelet




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