THE STEAL: Kate Spade Kaleidoball Statement Necklace $398

I’ve recently noticed that Target’s selection of jewelry and clothing have definitely been hitting more fashionable and high quality notes with me. Maybe it’s with the hype of the upcoming Target + Neiman Marcus’ Holiday 24 collaboration that’s coming up December 1st (stay tuned for everything you need to know about Holiday 24 that I’ll be posting later on this week) that has led me to browsing Target’s selection more.

But with a $300 savings between the two options, and I’ve seen the Target version for myself and I must say that I’m a fan, as much as I love Kate Spade I think my vote would have to be for Target’s $30 version. With holiday party invitations rolling in, I can’t help but start to plan my outfits in my mind and this style of statement necklace is perfect to go LBDs, royal colored dresses, or exactly what I would want to dress up my simple cardigan. This year is going to be all about the sparkle!

THE DEAL: Target Clustered Short Necklace – Clear $29.99

Which one would you choose to rock during your holiday parties this year?




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