Charmed Bracelets

Dogeared Infinity Bracelet | Initial ‘C’ Bracelet from Twig & Willow

When I look back at 2012, it’s almost mesmerizing when I take into account just how quickly time has flown by. As you’ve probably noticed, due to my lack of postings, it’s been such a hectic end to 2012 in both my work and personal lives. But a goal of mine for 2013, to help keep myself sane, is to have one weekly fabulous date with myself. Whether it be pre-planned, spontaneous, or completely luxurious, just to carve away some time just to focus on myself and mediate/regroup/breathe/all of the above.

I realized that I’ve worked in the city of Long Beach for almost 8 months now and it has been only as of yet that I’ve finally managed to explore my surroundings, outside of the typical downtown 2nd street,  and allow myself to just exist in its distinctive culture. Pre-2013 resolution, my life was the typical clock-in and clock-out routine. Several dates later, I’ve found an amazing new reading spot, favorite’d a new boutique, and have had the best tropical ice tea in my life. The shocking thing was that all of these new spots were places I’ve been mindlessly driving by and if not for this new resolution, I would still be missing out. I found myself relishing – yes, relishing, in the simplest of things and it’s a newfound emotion that I hope 2013 is filled with.

Berlin Bistro

Berlin Bistro: You’ll find me tucked away in the corner with my iPad & this amazing BBQ flatbread


Zephyr Vegetarian Cafe: Best tropical ice tea in town, unlimited refills for under $2?            Addicted, to say the least.




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